Wood - the only major renewable building material

Wood products offer outstanding versatility and value both as a building material and as a natural environmental choice. Wood continues to be the overwhelming choice of customers who seek a reliable, environmentally friendly, attractive material at good value.

Ateljee PRO has been dealing with wood and wood coating for the past 25 years. Our professional team thrives to serve our customers by giving customer an informed choice when it comes to choosing the most suitable timber species.

Therefore this web-site contains only materials of the best natural wood, a diverse selection between Indonesian rubber tree and Canadian oak.

Under Wood Coatings section you find an excellent range of high quality wood finishing products. All are tested and approved by our team of dedicated professionals.


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Wooden Decor

georgian pine


Using innovative printing and surface treatment, SunWood gives the multilayered glued solid wood panels the feel of original reclaimed wood or precious wood. SunWood panels are ideal for wall and ceiling paneling, store fitting, trade fair construction and furniture production.


Wood is too good to be burned; recycling and maximum usage are the main aspects of our project. All wall coverings are manually produced in a finely tuned production process. Thus each panel is a unique object. With the new collection for decorative wall coverings we direct our attention towards the versatility and ecologically responsible use of the natural product wood.

oak stained


Environmental friendliness and improving the quality of the room. Natural materials have a beneficial effect on the microclimate and overall well-being. Wall panels keep warm in the winter and so desired coolness in the summer, and also allow you to leave everything that is happening secret from the ears of others. Aesthetics and durability.

Wooden Doors

Wooden doors have been the most widely used and classic choice for centuries! The denser the type of wood used, the higher quality the door is. We offer exellent combination of proper door construction and surface coatings. We never supply you with products made of paper, cardboard or artificial materials.


Wood Coatings


High Quality Wood Coatings are becoming more popular every day. This is not surprising, because wood is warm, vibrant and environmentally friendly material. It is the use of wood in the room and outdoor that creates a special cozy, harmonious atmosphere, gives a feeling of warmth, tranquility and security.


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